Jake Paul believes people will claim his MMA fight against Nate Diaz will be “rigged” after he wins

By Cole Shelton - August 7, 2023

Jake Paul is confident he will be able to beat Nate Diaz in MMA after defeating him in boxing.

Jake Paul and Nate Diaz

Paul picked up a decision victory over Diaz on Saturday in their boxing match. In the lead-up to the fight, Paul had said he would rematch Diaz in the PFL and a $10 million offer was put on the table. After his win, the YouTuber-turned-boxer doubled down on the claim saying he wanted to fight Diaz in MMA.

“It’s real. I’ve always been real about it. I want to make history by going to MMA and making it a massive event. No boxers go over to MMA. The MMA fighters go to boxing. I want to respect their sport. I grew up as an MMA fan. In the PFL SmartCage, the offer is there. If he accepts it, you’re going to see me throw elbows and kicks,” Jake Paul said to MMAJunkie after his win.

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‘They’ll say he got paid to take a dive’

Once Jake Paul doubled down on fighting Nate Diaz in the PFL, many people thought the bout wouldn’t be competitive at all. However, Paul is confident he would have success in MMA and would actually beat Nate Diaz.

Yet, Paul knows if he does beat Diaz in MMA, many people will claim the fight was rigged.

“They’ll say it’s rigged,” Paul said. “They’ll say he got paid to take a dive because they won’t even believe it. I’m going to show them the impossible and prove to the kids out there that you can do anything if you’re crazy enough.”

Although Jake Paul wants to make his MMA debut in the PFL, he still is focused on boxing. ‘The Problem Child’ returned to the win column on Saturday and improved to 7-1. His lone loss came back in February to Tommy Fury.


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