Mirko Cro Cop goes off on “scared b**ch” Wanderlei Silva

Mirko Cro Cop

Later this month, PRIDE FC legends Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ Filipovic and Wanderlei Silva were set to step into the ring in the second round of the Rizin World Grand-Prix. The fight was a highly anticipated one, and would mark the third time the two MMA icons would be stepping into the ring together.

Mirko Cro Cop Wanderlei Silva Pride

Unfortunately, fight fans will have to wait to see the trilogy fight. This week Wanderlei Silva revealed that he had been forced out of the fight, which prompted Cro Cop to take to social media with a rant for ‘The Axe Murderer’:

“I just received a message from Rizin Fighting Federation that Wanderlei “the Braveheart” Silva doesn’t want to fight me. He gets scared and he changed his mind, but he know it from the beginning. He played tough guy on the press conference in July and he called me out for a fight. Then I said to myself, this man has a guts, but now we all see what is he made of, nothing but shit. Once he was a fearless and true axe murder but now he’s just a scared homie and only thing he can kill is his mosquito. And Wanderlei, don’t you dare to come to Saitama to see the tournament like a guest because I will slap you like a bitch just like you deserve, you are nothing but a scared bitch and I had so much respect for you as a fighter until now. I suggest a new name for you that will fit you well… WANDERLEI “THE CHICKEN” SILVA”

Cro Cop WINS

Cro Cop is going to be remaining on the card, while the promotion will look to find another opponent for him for the tournament. Assuming he remains on the card, Cro Cop would be entering into the bout on a 4-fight win streak.

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