Mickey Gall felt a “strong obligation” to “make an example” of CM Punk

By bjpenndotcom - September 13, 2016

This past weekend, CM Punk stepped into the Octagon to make his UFC debut nearly two years after he signed with the UFC.

CM Punk vs. Mickey Gall

Punk stepped into the Octagon to fight Mickey Gall with quite a bit of confidence after training for nearly two years under Duke Roufus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Roufusport.

Unfortunately for Punk, his debut was a rather disappointing one as Gall landed a takedown just seconds into the fight, and proceeded to dominate the grappling exchange until getting a rear naked choke win just minutes into the first round.

Following the fight, Gall spoke on The MMA Hour to explain why he felt the need to make an example out of the former WWE champion:

“I 100 percent felt a strong obligation to make an example out of him. I felt indebted to my sport, to the veterans of my sport — everyone in my sport — to go in there and dominate every second of this fight.”

“I figured he’d be tough, man,” Gall said. “Those wrestlers, they’re tough guys. They’re slamming themselves around and stuff. It was pretty much what I expected. I knew once he got in there with me, I was gonna be able to just dominate him.”

“I’ve just been really committed and I’ve been really smart about it. I saw the videos of him and I would have liked to have knocked him out. I wanted a knockout. That was the plan.”

Following the dominant win, Gall called for a fight with fellow “Lookin’ For A Fight” alum Sage Northcutt at UFC 205. While fight fans were quick to jump on the idea of a fight between the pair, Northcutt is currently recovering from a Staph Infection, and is unable to compete at the present time.