Michael Chandler rejects notion that he’s wasting time waiting for Conor McGregor fight: “I have a lot of tread left on these tires”

By Harry Kettle - October 5, 2023

UFC fighter Michael Chandler has rejected the idea that he’s wasting time by waiting for a fight with Conor McGregor.

Michael Chandler

For the longest time now, Michael Chandler has been waiting on a fight with Conor McGregor. From the initial rumors to coaching The Ultimate Fighter together, it seemed inevitable that it was going to happen. Now, we finally seem to have some movement, with the Irishman suggesting that he has recently submitted a sample to USADA – implying he’s back in the testing pool.


Of course, there have been plenty of critics of McGregor in recent times, and also a few who have gone after Chandler for holding out at the age of 37. In a recent interview, he had a response for those individuals.

Chandler responds

“I get people calling me delusional, ‘Why are you waiting? You’re wasting all these years.’…I believe we get lazy or we get busy, and at 37 years old, I feel better than a lot of 27-year-olds,” Chandler said. “Taking good care of my body and taking good care of my mind even with the wear and tear that I’ve put on my body…I’m not worried about the ‘getting old’ thing, I feel phenomenal, and I have a lot of tread left on these tires.

“If anything, I needed a little bit of rest…so, a little bit of time off isn’t a bad thing. I’m building things outside of fighting and people will be able to see the fruits of my labor when the time comes.”

Quotes via MMA News

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