Mouth Piece Problem – Michael Bisping says it’s his fault

By bjpenndotcom - February 29, 2016

At the end of the 3rd round, actually the final second of the 3rd round, Anderson Silva jumped off the canvas and hit Michael Bisping in the face with a flying knee.  Down goes Bisping, Silva jumps up on the cage to celebrate his 3rd round  KO.  Unfortunately referee Herb Dean did not call an end to the fight and Silva had to be taken off the top of the cage and convinced the fight was still on.

Anderson Silva

Bisping makes it thru the next 2 rounds and, as most of you know now, wins an unanimous-decision victory.

What makes this point even more exciting is that the mouthpiece Bisping lost durning the final second of the 3rd round and seemed to be so distracted by it that it cost him the fight. Silva saw the distracted Bisping and like any fighter should do in that case swarmed and tried to finish the fight in dramatic fashion.

In the post-fight news conference, Bisping said he, not Dean or Silva, was to blame for the mouthpiece confusion.

according to  Steven Marrocco and John Morgan of MMA Junkie. Bisping  said “I was trying to say, ‘Herb (Dean)’—that’s my fault,” he also said “I’m too experienced to make those mistakes, and Anderson capitalized and well done for that guy.”


“When the round stopped, I wasn’t sure what had happened. I was like, ‘Please don’t tell me this is over. I’m fine,’” Bisping said. “Of course, when you’ve just taken a couple of knees and elbows, your faculties aren’t exactly the sharpest at that moment in time. But fortunately, I got the job done.”

Both fighters received $50,000 USD Fight Of The Night bonus.

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Michael Bisping