Video: Michael Bisping says he blames Herb Dean for his stitches

Michael Bisping scored the biggest win of his mixed martial artsĀ career yesterday in London, when he defeated former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva via unanimous decision.

However, the victory did not come without controversy. During the final seconds of the third-round Bisping lost his mouth piece and tried to signal referee Herb Dean about it. The fight went on and Anderson Silva proceeded to jump at the opportunity by throwing a flying knee that landed flush on the distracted fighter.

Bisping had this to say about the third round’s controversial ending that almost resulted in the fight being stopped to MMAFighting’s Ariel Helwani:

“Well, my mouthpiece left my mouth. We weren’t exchanging blows. Of course he was trying to stalk me down, I was using my footwork to back away,” Bisping explained. “I was talking to Herb Dean, saying ‘Herb, my mouthpiece!’ I don’t want to lose my teeth. Contrary to popular belief, the British all don’t have bad teeth. Mine are okay.”

“I don’t know. I blame Herb Dean for all of this,” Bisping stated, pointing to his stitches. “I think.”

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