Michael Bisping on UFC 204 win over Dan Henderson: ‘I won that fight, plain and simple all you haters can shut up’

By Russell Ess - October 17, 2016

Michael “The Count” Bisping was able to get his revenge over Dan Henderson at UFC 204. To make it even sweeter, Bisping was able to defend his UFC middleweight title in his much-wanted rematch with “Hendo” after being on the receiving end of a highlight knockout suffered in their first meeting at UFC 100.

Michael Bisping, Kelvin Gastelum

However, the rematch was not as decisive as their first fight as the championship bout went to the judges after five rounds where Bisping was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

UFC President Dana White and Henderson were heard talking in the Octagon after the judge’s decision was made. Both thought that “Hendo” did enough to secure the win, but judges saw the fight differently.

ufc middleweight title fight

Bisping was a guest on Monday’s edition of The MMA Hour and spoke about his first title defense.

Ariel Helwani asked Bisping, “What the heck happened in Manchester?”

“What the hell happened at 204? I defended my belt,” Bisping said. “I was true to my word. I won that fight. Plain and simple all you haters can shut up. You don’t know how to score a fight because that was a clear victory for Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping.”

Bisping said that he got a chance to watch the fight and was asked by Helwani how he scored the bout.

“Well in the first-round I was in control and then, of course, he landed that good shot and got in some great ground and pound,” Bisping stated. “So that was a 10-9 for Hendo. Anyone that says it was a 10-8 is absolutely ridiculous ’cause for a 10-8 you’ve got to beat a guy from pillar to post for the entire 5 minutes. He had a good 45 seconds in that round.

ufc middleweight championship fight

“Round two I dominated,” Bisping said. “I picked him apart. He dropped me with a right hand but that was it. I wasn’t hurt and then he didn’t get any ground and pound off so I would say I still won that round 10-9. Three, four and five they were all 10-9’s for me as well. So really there is no controversy.”

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