GSP Discusses His Options as a Free Agent

Georges St-Pierre

This afternoon, the MMA world was tipped on its axis be the news that former UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre had entered free agency. This news, of course, was in glaring contradiction to rumors that St-Pierre might be returning at UFC 206 this December 10 in Toronto.

Shortly after making this announcement on The MMA Hour, St-Pierre discussed the possibilities of his new free agency. Given that he’s spent the vast majority of his career in the UFC, the welterweight great admitted that he’s really not sure what the future holds.

“I just announced the big news.” He said. “Now we’ll see what happens.  In mixed martial arts, everything is a question of timing. I try to see things in a logical way, not in an emotional way. I have a great team of advisors, and I’m trying to to listen to them. Me, I’m a fighter. This kind of business is not my area of expertise. I’m trying to really listen to what my advisors tell me. It’s hard for me Ariel, because I started fighting at UFC 46. It was a long time ago. The UFC has been like a family for me. Now I’m entering territory that is very unknown.”

Georges St-Pierre

Whatever happens down the road, St-Pierre said its important to him to stand up for up-and-coming fighters as he explores his new free agency. He believes this is the responsibility of MMA’s biggest stars.

“I have the power, because of the position that I’m in, I have the option of saying ‘no’,” St-Pierre said of his decision to walk away from negotiations with the UFC. “A lot of these guys that are fighting don’t have this option. And I understand because I’ve been there before. So it’s up to guys like me, Conor McGregor, Anderson Silva, Jose Aldo, guys that are big names, to stand for these guys that don’t have the options.”

“I’m always on the fighter’s side,” he added. “I will always support the fighters.”

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