Video | ‘Karen’ threatens to “bust up” UFC flyweight contender Maycee Barber in California

By Susan Cox - April 19, 2024

UFC flyweight contender Maycee Barber ran into a ‘Karen’ in California who threatened to “bust” her up.

Maycee Barber, UFC

Maycee Barber (14-2 MMA) last fought and defeated Katlyn Cerminara (18-6 MMA) by unanimous decision this past March at UFC 299. The flyweight fighter is now sporting 6 consecutive victories in the Octagon.

Most recently, Barber and her friend and fitness model Demi Bagby, confronted a woman in a parking lot who was a little too close to their vehicle.

The video was posted by a friend of Maycee Barber’s to ‘Instagram‘ with the caption, “Someone come get your mom.”


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In the video Demi Bagby can be heard saying:

“Please stop touching my truck!” 

To which the other, seemingly intoxicated, woman in the video replies (leaning on the truck door):
“Well you know what, I don’t think you really bought that.”

The woman continues taunting Demi Bagby and Maycee Barber saying:

“Move me. Touch me.”

Followed by a threat of physical violence:

“Don’t touch me because I could bust you in your f**king face … I could beat both of your f**king asses, but I won’t.”

The last comment apparently caused both Barber and Bagby to erupt in laughter.

Luckily for the ‘Karen’ things didn’t proceed any further, as she probably had no idea she was dealing with a UFC No. 4 ranked fighter in Maycee Barber.

Many fighters have viewed the encounter and shared their comments, including:

UFC heavyweight Walt Harris:

“Literally staring death in the face and I don’t even realize it! 😲”

UFC fighter Cody Durden:

“This lady gonna watch this video days later thanking the lord she didn’t throw a punch ! 😂”

All said and done the ‘Karen’ should be very thankful an altercation with Barber didn’t ensue.

As for what is next for Maycee Barber, she would like to revisit her 2021 matchup against the current UFC flyweight champion Alexa Grasso (16-3 MMA).

Who would you like to see Barber fight next?

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