Mark Hunt apparently channels inner Dana White and snaps at fan to ‘f–k off’

Mark Hunt

In the midst of all the buzz surrounding Brock Lesnar’s potential Anti-Doping Policy violation, Mark Hunt has been very vocal on the subject.

Hunt, who lost a unanimous decision to Lesnar at UFC 200 has stated that he wants a certain amount of Lesnar’s fight purse, or wishes to be immediately released from the UFC.

Until things get figured out with Lesnar’s case, Hunt has been having a blast with the Internet memes of a steroid abusing Brock Lesnar and some fans have been trying to advise “The Super Samoan” of how to handle his public relations.

This alleged chat between Hunt and a fan has been buzzing on the Internet, and for good reason. Hunt apparently gives this fan his own recommendation after being given some advice on how to handle himself.

It almost looks like UFC President Dana White and Mark Hunt have the same PR manager!

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