PHOTO | Mark Hunt embraces Brock Lesnar memes, roasts Lesnar fans

Mark Hunt, UFC Auckland

UFC heavyweight Mark Hunt is not happy that Brock Lesnar popped for a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation after they fought at UFC 200.

Hunt has a right to be upset, now that this is his third UFC opponent that has popped for banned substances, with Lesnar being the most recent following Antonio Silva and Frank Mir.

Hunt has embraced all the Internet has had to offer in putting Lesnar on blast and has been giving it to fans as well.

Hunt recently posted a meme of Lesnar with a needle tattoo on his chest to his Facebook account and said, “Now this is a great meme but the needle should be in the cheaters ass 😂😂😂😂😂💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉 right in the losers ass like the rest of u scumbag cheaters and all those who condone cheating 💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

While many fans have tried to back up Lesnar, or bash Hunt in the situation, Hunt holds no punches back when it comes to social media.

A fan on the post advised Hunt, “With all do respect mark maybe you should wait till they announce what substance was found before going off the rails with your accusations. I know youve fought against confirmed abusers but youre acting like someone who has taken to many shots to the head. Calm down bro and stay classy.

“The Super Samoan” clearly didn’t care for the advice and replied, “That’s coming from someone who has no clue I assumed he was cheating I had lost the match and accepted it then they popped his ass for cheating and some loser says it was a asthma pump like frank Mir saying oh it’s the Kangaroo meat this is the third time In a row I have had to fight a dirty cheater gearing and I ain’t buying no more lies homi 😂😂😂😂😂😂 maybe u should jus accept that your pro wrestling cheating ass bitch boi has to synthetically enhance to win 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾

Lesson of the day?

Don’t tell Mark Hunt what to do.

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