Mark Hunt asks UFC to release him “if they don’t sort this out”

By bjpenndotcom - July 15, 2016

Friday afternoon, it was revealed that former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar had been flagged for a “potential USADA anti-doping violation” stemming from a June drug test.

Mark Hunt

That didn’t sit too well with Mark Hunt, who lost to Lesnar at UFC 200 via unanimous decision. The heavyweight veteran demanded that the UFC give him half of Lesnar’s purse, or release him from his UFC contract.

In a new post for his website,, Hunt explained his situation:

“When they gave him the exemption to come back I wasn’t too happy about it but they assured me they were all over him,”

“I saw Brock made millions for this fight, more than anyone ever.” he said. “I wanna know what they are gonna do to Brock now. When you don’t make weight they give twenty percent of your purse to the other fighter. If you get caught cheating you should lose all of it.

“I’ve told Dana I want half of Brock’s purse.”

“They say they are trying to clean up the sport, but it doesn’t feel like it.” he said. “The UFC is basically saying if you cheat you won’t be penalised.

“This is the third time I’ve had to fight a cheater in my career. The other two times I didn’t ask for compensation, but this is the third time and I’m sick of them getting away with cheating.”

“I’ve told Dana that I want a release from the UFC if they don’t sort this out.”

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