Mark Coleman calls out fellow legend Don Frye: I’ll “head-butt the sh*t out of you!”

By Tom Taylor - May 1, 2018

This is not a drill. Mark Coleman, who was the first-ever UFC heavyweight champion, wants to come back for one more war. He’s hoping to rematch fellow UFC Hall-of-Famer Don Frye in what sounds like a no holds barred match, complete with head-butts and all the other attacks that were allowed in the halcyon days of our fine sport.

Mark Coleman, Don Frye

It all began when Coleman took to The UG MMA forums and expressed interest in coaching an upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter opposite Frye. Shortly thereafter, fan interest began to spike on social media. This prompted Coleman to make another callout of Frye — though he still only seemed interested in coaching against his fellow legend.

‘Let’s do it bro,” Coleman said in his Tweet. “Lucky for u we can’t fight ! But I kick ur ass in the challenge! And will out-coach u [Don Frye]. Who wants to see this happen?”

Coleman then took it a step further in a subsequent Tweet, calling Frye out for a full-blown fight — a fight with “no rules,” at that…

“U know what [Don Frye] we’re both a bit beat up,” Coleman said in his second Tweet. “So it’s even. I know how bad u want to fight we’re not in our prime, I respect u but fk let’s fight! I miss it u miss it. Old school no rules. I can take u down and I am the GODFATHER OF GNP. Head but the shit out of you! U there.”

At present, Frye has not issued a response to Coleman’s latest callouts. While it’s impossible to say for certain right now, he certainly doesn’t seem like the kind of guy to turn down a challenge. The only real question is what organization would actually be willing to promote this clash of aging legends…

Do you want to see Don Frye and Mark Coleman fight in the year 2018?

This article first appeared on on 5/1/2018.


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