Loopy Godinez expecting a “dirty, bloody” fight against Tabatha Ricci at UFC 295: “I’m excited about this matchup”

By Cole Shelton - November 8, 2023

Loopy Godinez didn’t think she would fight again this year but was thrilled when she was offered to return at UFC 295.

Loopy Godinez

After Godinez submitted Elise Reed in the second round at Noche UFC, a week later she got the call to face Tabatha Ricci at UFC 295. It was an exciting opportunity and for Godinez, she’s honored to be able to fight at Madison Square Garden.

“I wasn’t expecting to fight again this year. But, I got offered this fight a week after my last one, so when you have the ball rolling, it’s better to keep it rolling… Honestly, when I got offered it, I didn’t have an idea of where it would be,” Godinez said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “Once I talked to my manager and he told me all the details, I was super excited.”

Not only was Loopy Godinez excited about fighting again this year and at MSG, but she also liked the opponent. At UFC 295, Godinez will face Tabatha Ricci, and the Mexican-Canadian admits she thought the two would have fought years ago when they were both in LFA.

“I saw her in LFA, we both fought in LFA and I thought I was going to fight her in LFA at some point. But, I got the call to the UFC and then she got called to the UFC,” Godinez said. “She’s been doing great and I have watched her before and am familiar with her. I’m excited about this matchup and I think it will be a great fight. I will showcase some skills I didn’t get to show in my last fight.”

Entering this fight at UFC 295, Loopy Godinez believes she has all the tools to beat Tabatha Ricci. Godinez knows the Brazilian will try and wrestle her, but believes she can make it dirty and bloody to get a win.

“My wrestling is really good, I have improved so much in all of the areas. It’s an interesting fight… I just want to showcase all the new tools that I have been adding and have a great fight. Come out on top and make it dirty, bloody, I’m excited for that,” Godinez said.

If Godinez gets the win over Ricci at UFC 295, she hopes she can get a big name at UFC 297 in Toronto and work her way to a title shot in 2024.

“I’d love to have a bigger name after this one and go towards the gold,” Godinez concluded.


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