Leon Edwards unloads on ‘journeyman’ Jorge Masvidal for pulling out of UFC 269: ‘He’s been dodging me’

By Cole Shelton - November 15, 2021

Leon Edwards says he isn’t surprised Jorge Masvidal pulled out of their fight at UFC 269.

Leon Edwards

Edwards and Masvidal were set to have their highly-anticipated grudge match on December 11. The fight was years in the making after the three-piece and a soda, but it was revealed last week “Gamebred” was out of the fight which the Brit isn’t surprised about.

“I knew he was going to,” Edwards said to ESPN. “I heard some news coming back that he was looking a bit fat, he was looking chubby still. I didn’t think he was training for it to be honest. I always knew he was going to run away. It’s been three years since the incident in London and he’s been dodging me ever since.”

Not only does Leon Edwards think Jorge Masvidal is dodging him, but he also doesn’t think he is a good fighter. He believes Gamebred is a fraud and a journeyman as many have said he is.

“I believe he’s a fraud and he’s doing what he needs to get out of the fight. He knows that once he loses to me, where does he go?… I always felt he was a fake, he’s a fraud. I knew this going into the fight that he’s a fake. He had like a good year, year and a half that he had the (Darren) Till knockout, the Ben Askren knockout, and that kind of propelled him. But apart from that, he’s nothing but a journeyman,” Edwards said. “Every time he fights more than likely he’s probably gonna lose. My opinion hasn’t changed much. I knew what I knew and now the fans are getting to see it. Now it’s clear as day that he’s not who he pretends to be.”

With Edwards no longer fighting Masvidal at UFC 269, the hope for him is to fight for the title next time out.

What do you make of Leon Edwards blasting Jorge Masvidal?

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