Jorge Masvidal explains why Kamaru Usman rematch is more desirable than McGregor or Diaz fights

By Cole Shelton - July 14, 2020

Jorge Masvidal is focused on getting a rematch against Kamaru Usman.

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In the main event of UFC 251, Masvidal stepped up on six days’ notice to fight Usman for the welterweight title. It was the first time “Gamebred” would be fighting for UFC gold, but he ultimately came up short losing by decision.

Since the event, many have said Masvidal should fight the likes of Conor McGregor or perhaps the Nate Diaz rematch. But, for him, he says is still focused on Usman.

“It would be Usman, obviously, it is a no-brainer. Could they offer me bigger names that pay more money? Yes, for a fact. But, if it is up to me, Usman,” Jorge Masvidal said to ESPN. “For me, stepping up on six days’ notice, nobody else will. A lot of people were saying they would, but who else did? Tell me. Who else actually asked Dana? Who was like, hey if Masvidal doesn’t do it, I’m going to do it, I’m ready, I’m right here, I’m ready to go, let’s do it? If it is up to me, of course, it is Usman right away. I don’t care if they could offer me a bigger fight or not, I would like to fight Usman.”

Why Gamebred is so focused on the immediate rematch is simple. He knows he can beat Kamaru Usman and wants a full camp to prepare. Jorge Masvidal also wants to be known as a UFC champion and knows the money fights will come once he is the champion.

“You can tell me that McGregor right now would make X, Y, Z dollars, the biggest pay-per-view you get in history, right, and I’m going to get paid forever,” Masvidal said. “I feel I’m getting compensated well enough now that if I keep making the right decisions I’ve been doing, this money is forever money. So it’s not about money. It’s about, I want that damn belt, and I’m stubborn, and I know I’m better than Usman, and I want to prove it. I want to fight again. I’m not going to take nothing from him, he won the first one. Let’s do it again, let’s do it again and that’s it. After that, we can do start whatever is next after that. Usman is the thing I want the most.”

Do you think the UFC should book and immediate rematch between Kamaru Usman and Jorge Masvidal?

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