MMA community reacts to Jon Jones’ arrest

By Russell Ess - March 29, 2016

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is in trouble with the law once again. However, Jones is claiming this incident is the result of a lying Albuquerque police officer.

Jon Jones

On Monday, it was revealed in a police officer body cam video that the former champ was given five traffic citations from an Albuquerque police officer that has been previously accused of racial profiling.

On Tuesday, Jones turned himself in at the Albuquerque Police Department after violating his probation as he was ordered to not get into any further trouble with the law.

The MMA community was stunned as headlines revealed Jones was arrested with his first UFC fight just a few weeks away since being stripped of his title and suspended last year.

@TWooodley: The police officer that pulled @JonnyBones over is the stereotyping, targeting,profiling, harassing type that give good officers a bad wrap😡

‎@Benaskren: Most cops don’t keep their composure that well. Kind of impressive lol

@danhardymma: Since when did the police force in Albuquerque, New Mexico, start filming #UFCEmbedded? 😉😁

@SBNLukeThomas: ABQ PD loves to leak things to the press, don’t they?

@FunkMaster_UFC: @goonerjb @UFCONFOX Agreed. Not cool at all. He does have a bad rep, so I’m guessing there’s a disdain for him, like the cop semi admitted.

‎@FunkMaster_UFC: Id bet money a lot of ppl on here wud react similar to Jones, if wrongfully accused. Jon messed up bc he was already on probation. Not smart

‎@FunkMaster_UFC: They release Jon cussing and painting him in the light they wanted. Release the drag-racing clip. If so, no dispute.

@philbaroni: @JonnyBones better move outta Manitowoc County before they frame him for murder. @arielhelwani @NewYorkRic @MMAFighting

‎@TheTruthJackson: You can tell from how he was speaking that he was racial profiling, and he doesn’t like Jon.

@TheTruthJackson: Seeing these Jon Jones post… *sigh* i actually think he’s getting the short end on this one. Especially after watching the full video.

‎@illwillbrooks86: Man it hurts to see another African American man take L’s like this. #gottodobetter

‎@illwillbrooks86: I’m sure he’s got people around him who really care and want to help him but I bet there’s more yes men than those few that really care.

@illwillbrooks86: Cormier is somewhere still being booed by fans. #😶

@ALIAQUINTA: Jon jones drag races in 35mph zones see haha

@jakeshieldsajj: And just like that… Jon “Bones” Jones is back behind bars.

‎@EliasTheodorou: The only person who can defeat Jon Jones is, unfortunately, Jon Jones. 🙁

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