Jon Jones Is Still in UFC’s USADA Pool and Was Tested This Month

By Justin Golightly - October 24, 2017

While we’ve got a couple of things splattered here and there for UFC 219, we’ve had nothing announced that screams “huge end of the year” card. If Jon Jones hadn’t of had his gut-punch anti-doping violation, we could have gotten a superfight to end all superfights with Jones challenging Stipe Miocic for the heavyweight title potentially at UFC 218. But, just like the Rolling Stones song goes, you can’t always get what you want. The news here instead is that Jon Jones is still being tested. He just successfully passed a test earlier this month.

Jon Jones

The silver lining about him being in the system is that, even with the harshest punishment, he’ll be able to return as soon as it is up. The other good news being most experts, including Jeff Novitsky himself, things Jon Jones will not get a four-year suspension. Best case scenario, the former UFC light heavyweight champion could get as low as a six-month suspension. That would be doubled if Jon Jones left the pool. The date for his hearing is scheduled for sometime in December and we’ll keep you updated on any breaking news regarding it.

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Jon Jones