Jon Jones says he told UFC $10 million dollars is “way too low” to fight Francis Ngannou

Jon Jones, Dana White
Image via @jonnybones on Instagram (photographer not listed)

UFC superstar Jon Jones says that he told the UFC $8 to $10 million dollars would be too low for a mega-fight against Francis Ngannou.

In a series of tweets posted to his social media on Wednesday, Jones said that he told UFC executive Hunter Campbell that he wants more than $10 million dollars to fight Ngannou. In addition, Jones said that believes he’s been underpaid throughout his entire career and is hoping to finally get paid what he believes is right to take on Ngannou at heavyweight. Check out the full series of messages that Jones shared on his social media below.

I had a brief phone meeting with UFC‘s lawyer Hunter a few days ago. As of right now I expressed to him that anywhere around eight to $10 million would be way too low for a fight of this magnitude. That’s all that has been discussed so far.

I’m supposed to be waiting for what their offer is going to be. Really hoping the numbers are nowhere near that low. I guess we will see what happens

Jones: One thing I’m sure of, I’ve never had more people excited to see A fight than they are now, I literally can’t walk to my mail box without someone asking me about the fight

Jones: I’ve been working my ass off for years, concussions, surgeries, fighting the Toughest competition UFC had to offer throughout my 20s for right around 2 million per fight. I’m just trying to have my payday, the fight that all of us fighters Believe is one day possible.

Jones: I tweeted show me the money and that evidently pissed off the boss. What a learning lesson. I feel like if Connor would’ve sent that same tweet there would have been whiskey night.

Jon Jones: I believe I was grossly underpaid throughout my entire 20s. I’m not even here bitching about that. I just want to see the future done right.

Do you think the UFC and Jon Jones will be able to come to an agreement for the Francis Ngannou fight?

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