Joe Rogan shares crazy rumor about the cause of Jon Jones’ failed drug test

By Tom Taylor - November 7, 2017

Back in July, former UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones returned from a lengthy suspension to knock out Daniel Cormier and reclaim the title he once guarded so ferociously. Regrettably, just days later, it was announced that he had failed a pre-fight drug test. From there, his knockout win was promptly overturned, and the light heavyweight title was returned to Cormier.

Jon Jones

Since then, there has been ample discussion about the possibility that Jones consumed a banned substance inadvertently – perhaps by consuming a tainted supplement. On the latest episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, UFC commentator Joe Rogan took this theory and stretched it to the absolute limit, essentially inferring that Jones used cocaine that was cut with Chinese creatine that was in turn laced with a USADA-prohibited substance…

“You want to know the craziest fucking rumor that I heard?” Rogan told former UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub on the show. “I can’t tell you who told me this. This is the craziest one.”

“The stuff that [Jon Jones] tested positive for takes a long time to get out of your system, right? You know where else you find that stuff? You find it in creatine. When they get creatine, sometimes from China, it’s tainted with steroids. They use that creatine to cut cocaine.”

“One of the things they cut some cocaine with is creatine, because it looks like cocaine. So if he was partying: ‘Jon, you want to do a bump, it’s really good stuff’… ‘Hey man, I can’t test positive for anything’… ‘It’s just coke bro, it’s not even cut!”

“He had a birthday about 10 days out from the fight,” Rogan concluding, dumping gasoline on the fire and thrusting this conspiracy into overdrive.

What do you make of this wild rumor from Joe Rogan?

Jon Jones is currently undergoing his due process. Stay tuned for more updates on his situation as they emerge.

This article first appeared on on 7/11/2017.

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