Jon Jones’ Coach Hints at a Huge Lawsuit if He Popped From Tainted Supplements

By Justin Golightly - September 14, 2017

All the test results are in. Two urine tests and a blood test. The UFC has moved forward in stripping Jon Jones of the title, now Daniel Cormier has been given the belt once again due to a situation involving Jones having the title taken away. To this day, Jon Jones is still claiming innocence and most likely a legal battle will follow. Coach Mike Winkeljohn spoke to Submission Radio about what could happen if this all turns out to be because of a tainted supplement or an substance not listed in the ingredients like last time.

Jon Jones

“Oh, I would [sue]. I mean, we’re talking about changing a man’s life. I mean, how much money can he make? How much is his career worth? Is it worth $100 million? I mean, that’s gonna’ bankrupt a company. I would be the first one to say, hey look, here’s the deal, if you guys are in the supplement industry and you have a tendency to put anabolics and these different substances into products just so that the kids go, ‘Yeah, this stuff works,’ and then the FDA coming along and says, ‘Hey, you put that in that in there,’ you either have a tendency to pull it out real fast and so people won’t do it anymore, but you’ve already sold the product and they keep selling it and they open up another product or they file bankruptcy and do it again. Supplement companies are notorious for it if you go back and start reading some papers on them, and it’s not right. This is not right when they do those type of things just to sell products.”

“If I had to guess, it’s going to come out that there’s been something that [Jon Jones] took to re-hydrate himself after his cut or somewhere in that style, that time that was some kind of… what do I want to say… some kind of substance that he thought was just a supplement, that someone said, ‘Hey, this will make you feel better, it’s got electrolytes in it and stuff,’ but it was tainted. And everybody thinks, ‘Yeah, that’s just an excuse,’ but no, really, that’s it, that’s what it’s going to be. And what I’ve noticed is a lot of these supplement companies, they have a tendency sometimes to throw things in there. I think if they find out who the supplement company was and which one is tainted, they’ve got a big lawsuit on their hands because they have changed Jon Jones’ life and it’s really not his fault.”

Jon Jones popping for a tainted supplement isn’t that far-fetched. Yoel Romero was able to prove his last anti-doping violation was from an ingredient not listed in the supplement that he was using. His suspension was then reduced from two years, to only six months. In addition to a lighter sentence on him competing in MMA, Jon Jones could seek a hefty monetary compensation as well as his legal restitution. Strap in folks, this whole thing is far from over.

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