Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones duke it out on twitter

By Russell Ess - April 5, 2016

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and the current champion Daniel Cormier are sadly not fighting one another at UFC 197. Cormier suffered an injury in training that forced him out of the championship rematch with Jones.

Ovince Saint Preux has stepped in to face Jones on short notice and the two will fight for the interim championship on April 23rd at UFC 197.

After Jones heard about Cormier offering to help OSP with his camp to prepare for Jones, he took to twitter to air some things out.

“Willing to train OSP and is willing to pay for his expenses? You are a sheep in wolves clothing and I see right through you. pussy,” Jones tweeted. Another tweet followed saying, “Or offer all my resources to OSP and hope he can possibly do it for me.”

Cormier the replied on twitter saying, “Coward is running from the scene of a crime without checking on person you hurt. Coward is refusing to fight Gustafson. Coward is ufc 151,” which was followed up by “Jon jones I have never been afraid of you or anyone in my entire life. You calling me coward is insane. Your day will come bitch. Remember jones I didn’t call u coward when u moved our 1st fight due to injury hypocrite. That’s biggest word I’ll use when talking to u.” Cormier then ended his twitter battle with Jones by saying, “Last tweet. Jon ur dumb! Like really dumb. Get off ur high horse and stop riding the white horse. Junkie , I’m gonna rip ur head off!”

Jones then replied asking about the intentions of Cormier by offering help to Saint Preux. “Daniel just please explain to us all why you would help OSP if you truly want to fight me and legitimize yourself as the champion?” Jones followed up and said, “Simple question. I’ll be waiting for your simple explanation.”