Jon Anik names the opponent he would like to see Nate Diaz fight in his UFC return

By Harry Kettle - July 9, 2024

Jon Anik has named the opponent he wants to see Nate Diaz face if he returns to UFC in the future.

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Last weekend, Nate Diaz defeated Jorge Masvidal in their boxing showdown in California. It served as revenge for Nate following his defeat to Jorge Masvidal in the UFC almost five years ago. Of course, now, we’re left to sit and wonder what’s going to be next for the king of Stockton.

It appears as if one idea would be for him to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He’s made it known that he’s interested in doing so, and MMA fans would likely rejoice at the idea of him coming back.

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UFC commentator Jon Anik has weighed in and given his thoughts on who Diaz should compete against if it does happen.

Anik’s Diaz view

“Nate Diaz back in the UFC. I don’t know to what extent that is possible in short order, but it’s very encouraging that that is one of the first things sort of on the tip of his tongue,” Anik said. “And far be it for anyone to bet against this guy in a high-profile setting against an elite fighter. Yeah, there’s certain matchups, right? Maybe you don’t like him against Sean Brady, but there are plenty of matchups that are good for Nate Diaz. … I think he’s got a lot of fight left.”

“Dustin Poirier and I were talking at UFC 303 as he was there doing the television work. There just aren’t that many fights right now for Dustin. It seems like he has the appetite to go out on a win,” Anik continued. “Dustin has intimated that he wants to fight one more time, and on the very short list of opponents that actually makes some fiscal and competitive sense is Nate Diaz. We’ll see if that’s something that actually materializes.”

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