John Gotti reacts to Joe Rogan’s assessment of his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather: “Next time I fight him like a dog”

By Susan Cox - June 15, 2023

John Gotti is reacting to Joe Rogan’s assessment of his boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

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It was on Sunday, June 11th that Floyd Mayweather Jr. made a return to the ring for an exhibition fight with John Gotti III at the FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida.

The match was called off by the referee in round six when the two fighters wouldn’t stop their trash talking. After the bell had rung, Gotti continued throwing punches at Mayweather, even though the fight had been called, and a massive brawl ensued with each fighters’ teams entering the ring.

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John Gotti was disqualified in the sixth round for holding and has been suspended by the Florida Athletic Commission for 6 months.

Joe Rogan, speaking on his Podcast, had this to say about the Gotti – Mayweather boxing match (h/t MMAMania):

“Floyd is just piecing him up. Even at 46, he’s the greatest of all time and this kid is really an MMA fighter. He’s a tough guy. He caught Floyd a couple of times with some little shots, but mostly he’s just getting boxed up by literally the greatest boxer of all time, but he was holding on quite a bit and wouldn’t let go and was trying to hold and clinch and hit which is something you can do in MMA so he’s protecting himself from Floyd, but he’s not letting go.”

John Gotti, took exception to Rogan’s analogy, posting to ‘Instagram’:

“Joe Rogan it was mutually called for both of us cursing at one another. Those are the only two moments I clinched the (whole) fight. You still the man (though) Joe. Logan Paul clinched five million times though but that was okay. Floyd gassed himself out and I started having brief moments and they called it. Hard when everyone on his payroll.”

Continuing Gotti confirmed that he wants a rematch with Mayweather:

“The majority spoke you f**king pineapple. Let’s do it again, this time your whole team getting left in the street. Me and this girl Floyd Mayweather run it back in New York. Who’s in? This time I’m bringing heavy hitters. Next time I fight him like a dog.”

Would you like to see a rematch between John Gotti and Floyd Mayweather?

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