Joe Rogan doesn’t hold back on Sean Strickland’s sparring session with Sneako: “I don’t know why he wanted to do that”

By Josh Evanoff - February 16, 2024

UFC commentator Joe Rogan wasn’t happy to see Sean Strickland’s sparring session with Sneako last week.

Joe Rogan, Sneako and Sean Strickland

‘Tarzan’ has become one of the most controversial fighters in the UFC today, and it didn’t happen by accident. In Sean Strickland’s career thus far, he’s made a name for himself in a variety of ways. One thing that consistently keeps the former champion in the news, is his wild sparring sessions.

There are few things that Sean Strickland seemingly enjoys, more than sparring. Last week, the former champion sparred with Rumble streamer Sneako, at the UFC Apex. The influencer had been training in boxing for a few months and decided that it was a good idea to spar with Strickland.

Well, the sparring session went about as well as one would expect. Sean Strickland battered Sneako, forcing the towel to be thrown in very early. However, the former champion kept battering the streamer, bloodying him up in the process. Names such as Jake Paul quickly blasted Strickland, and Joe Rogan doesn’t seem to be a fan of the session either.

On a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience, the beloved play-by-play commentator discussed the incident. There, he questioned why Sneako would want to spar Sean Strickland, over someone like Israel Adesanya. However, Rogan also took aim at Strickland, for beating up the influencer when it wasn’t needed.


Sean Strickland, Sneako

Image via Sneako’s stream

UFC commentator Joe Rogan discusses Sean Strickland vs. Sneako sparring session

“He beat up that kid who’s a smaller than him streamer named Sneako, which is not a good look.” Joe Rogan stated on a recent edition of his podcast, referring to former UFC champion Sean Strickland. “He beat the f*ck out of that guy. Yeah, I just don’t know why he wanted to do that. It’s so easy for him to beat that guy up. Yeah it’s not fair, it’s not really [a fight]. I don’t know what that kid thought.”

He continued, “First of all, he’s so silly for doing that, agreeing to do that with Sean Strickland. If you agree to do that with Israel Adesanya, Israel Adesanya will take care of you. I swear to God. He’ll pop you a little bit, let you know you’re helpless. But he won’t f*ck you up. He’ll smile and laugh and he’ll hug you afterwards. I guarantee you could spar with him and he’ll just touch your face to let you know…If you’re some streamer, he won’t hurt you. But Sean Strickland’s a different animal.”

“Sean Strickland, he’s got this f*cking man code and he believes in it.” Joe Rogan concluded. “…If you agree to get in there with him, you’re essentially agreeing to let him beat the f*ck out of you. You don’t really have a chance, you have no chance.”

What do you make of these comments about Sean Strickland? Do you agree with UFC commentator Joe Rogan?

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