Transgender MMA Fighter Mack Beggs accepts challenger from former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields: “We going to f**k you up”

By Lewis Simpson - May 8, 2023

Jake Shields hasn’t competed in mixed martial arts since 2018 but may have a fight on the horizon.

Jake Shields

Shields has remained active within the MMA community and often expresses some controversial views on social media. More recently, he’s ranted about numerous issues, including transgender athletes. Shields has even entertained back-and-forths with MMA fighter Alana McLaughlin, who represents the trans community in competition.


Shield’s tweets in the past caused McLaughlin to call the former Strikeforce champion out, but after challenging “the 10 toughest trans men” to a fight, it’s two-time high school wrestling champion Mack Beggs who’s willing to answer the call.

Jake Shields callout answered by Mack Beggs

In a recent story posted to Beggs’ Instagram, there was a response to Sheilds’ offer:

“We just going to make this an official call out, but Jake Shields, I will take you up on your offer,” Beggs said. “But the offer isn’t going to be 10 versus one and 10 trans men — you’re going to be fighting for the rest of the night.

“It’s the fact that y’all are so fixated and hyper-fixated and have some f***ing fetish with trans women that you even forget that we f***ing out here, and we going to f*** you up.”

Shields didn’t take long to see the call out and react.

“This thing thinks it can beat me in a fight,” Shields tweeted.

Beggs was transitioning while still in high school and was forced to wrest against girls. He won the Texas high school girls’ 110lbs state wrestling championship in 2017 and 2018, closing his high school wrestling career with a 79-0 record. Numerous opponents forfeited matches against Beggs because the wrestler took testosterone while transitioning.

During a lengthy MMA career, Sheilds attained a (33-11-1) record, with his last fight coming at PFL 10 in 2018, where Ray Cooper III defeated him. While no longer competing, Sheilds remains a staple figure in Nick and Nate Diaz’s preparation.

Although the seriousness of Sheilds’s call out is to be taken with a pinch of salt, Beggs remains eager to challenge him inside a cage.

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