Henry Cejudo says Jon Jones should go after ‘two-faced c*nt’ drug sample collector for defamation of character

By Susan Cox - April 9, 2024

Henry Cejudo is saying Jon Jones should go after the ‘two-faced c*nt’ drug sample collector for defamation of character.

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It was just recently that UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones allegedly threatened DFSI (Drug Free Sport International) employees when they came to his home to collect samples for their anti-doping program.

The employees of DFSI filed an incident report with the Albuquerque Police Department citing assault and interference with communications.

‘Bones’ has denied all allegations.

Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo is sticking up for Jon Jones and acknowledges the frustration that comes with random drug testing.

Cejudo, in a video posted to his YouTube channel, shared:

“Is Jon Jones innocent? One hundred percent … It’s almost like these people want to somewhat create a story because they want to portray, keep going with the storyline that Jon Jones is ‘the monster.’”

Continuing, Cejudo said:

“From what I saw in the video, and getting a chance to know Jon, I could get frustrating at times. Trust me by that, I’ve gotten into it with guys from USADA. People who I’ve known for years, people who have tested me for years. They catch you at a party, they catch you at early in the morning. I mean, it’s normal for you to kind of get frustrated like, ‘Hey man, what’s going on here?’”

Concluding, some advice from Cejudo (h/t MMAJunkie):

“If I’m you Jon Jones, you know what I would do? I would get her for defamation of character. I would get her for being a two-faced c*nt, and trying to come at you for something that you really didn’t do.”

“… I think if anything Jon, you should probably start fighting this and go against them. Make them think twice before they start bringing your name up. Make them think twice before they’re going to make up a story about you, you know, threatening to kill somebody or whatnot.”

Athough Jones was not arrested, he was given a summons to appear in court concerning the incident.

Do you believe, as Cejudo does, that it should be Jones pressing charges against DFSI agents for defamation of character?

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