Henry Cejudo explains why he would never train former UFC champion Conor McGregor: “He’s offended too many of my good friends”

By Fernando Quiles - May 5, 2023

Henry Cejudo believes Conor McGregor can make significant improvements to his game, but don’t expect the two to share a gym anytime soon.

Cejudo and McGregor have traded barbs over the years, and it’s easy to see why. After all, Cejudo’s manager is Ali Abdelaziz, someone who McGregor has a personal beef with. McGregor has also slammed UFC Hall of Famer Khabib Nurmagomedov, someone Cejudo considers to be a good friend.

When asked about the possibility of training McGregor in the future during the UFC 288 pre-fight press conference, Henry Cejudo explained why that simply isn’t in the cards (h/t Sportskeeda.com).

“I think he’s offended too many of my good friends,” Cejudo said. “At first, yeah, I was kind of a Conor hater then I became a fan. He won me over, but I think he took things a little too far. Talking about Khabib’s father after him passing, calling my manager a rat, a terrorist, all that. I get sports, and I get the entertainment side, but that’s just a little too much for me.”

Cejudo went on to explain what area Conor McGregor can address that would help better his chances of being among the elite in MMA again.

“I’ve done a ‘Fight Feedback’ on him,” Cejudo recalled. “If he was smart, he would watch it. I think the biggest thing Conor can do is adjust his stance. He’s too heavy on that lead leg. He’s not an attacker. Conor anticipates, and he counters well. Start bringing people into you… I know he would like [training], but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t do that to Khabib nor Ali.”

McGregor will serve as a coach on season 31 of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Opposing him on the coaching front will be Michael Chandler. The two are expected to collide at some point this year. It’s safe to say that if McGregor does indeed share the Octagon with Chandler, he won’t be going into the fight under the guidance of Cejudo.

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