Francis Ngannou vows that he’s “not done” with boxing despite knockout loss to Anthony Joshua

By Josh Evanoff - March 14, 2024

PFL heavyweight Francis Ngannou isn’t done with professional boxing despite losing to Anthony Joshua.

Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Joshua

‘The Predator’ returned to boxing last Friday night, in Saudi Arabia against ‘AJ’. The bout was Francis Ngannou’s second in the ring, previously facing Tyson Fury last October. Despite entering the fight a massive underdog, the former UFC heavyweight champion dropped, and nearly defeated ‘The Gpysy King’. Still, Fury escaped with a split-decision win.

While many could find a moral victory in Francis Ngannou’s boxing debut, his second bout had none. Last Friday night, the PFL heavyweight was badly dropped, and later knocked out by Anthony Joshua inside of two rounds. The defeat was the first time that Ngannou had been finished in his combat sports career.

In the days since the loss, Francis Ngannou has largely remained quiet. However, the giant has now broken his silence in a stream on Instagram Live. Speaking with fans on social media, Ngannou admitted that it wasn’t his night, and gave props to Anthony Joshua for the victory. However, the heavyweight also added that he wasn’t feeling great at fight time, as it was past 3 AM in Saudi Arabia.

In the live stream, the former UFC champion also revealed that he wasn’t done with professional boxing. While Francis Ngannou added that he wasn’t done with MMA either, it seems that the heavyweight still has one eye on the ring moving forward.


Francis Ngannou

PFL heavyweight Francis Ngannou opens up on loss to Anthony Joshua in boxing return

“It didn’t go our way.” Francis Ngannou stated in a recent Instagram Live, discussing his loss to Anthony Joshua last week. “Still, there were a lot of things that happened so we can talk about, reflect about something… Even leading up to that fight, it wasn’t my day, it just wasn’t my day. Not to say that the result wouldn’t be different, but it wasn’t my day. Not at any moment of the moment of the day I was like ‘Okay, we are good to go’. I remember being in the locker trying to warm up, and bro it wasn’t going [well].”

He continued, “I was falling asleep… But you know I assume that’s how some people that I have fought, some people that I beat, have felt before. But it was my first time to feel that… Heads up to Anthony Joshua, to his team that executed their plan properly. Heads up to my team too, they did a great job. I was just the one that didn’t execute the plan properly.”

“…Yes, I’m not done with boxing. I’m not done with MMA.” Francis Ngannou concluded. “Basically right now I have a fight in the PFL in Renan Ferreira. That will be my future opponent in the PFL. But again, I have a lot of fights in the future, I can still combine and be back in action.”

What do you make of these comments from Francis Ngannou? Do you want to see him in the boxing ring again?