Myron Molotky looking to build XFC into top-tier MMA promotion: “We are not a feeder league for anybody”

By Cole Shelton - March 22, 2021

XFC MMA is set for its first Young Guns event on March 27 and president, Myron Molotky couldn’t be more excited.


When XFC re-launched last year, the first event was a success with the promotion airing on NBC as well. However, as the company was in the stages of re-launching, Molotky made it known he wanted to find the next superstar. To do that, he launched Young Guns, where he will have several fighters making their debuts or only a handful of fights into their career compete on the card as they look to get an official XFC contract.

“I really am looking forward to seeing these young kids get after it,” Molotky said. “We will kick it off with a good fighter meeting and tell them what we expect. They have to know there is no playing it safe in the hexagon and this is their chance to prove they belong and they can create a career here. It will be a great event.”

Although Molotky is excited about the Young Guns event, he is also planning the next official event. XFC started a lightweight tournament and Molotky hopes it continues on May 8.

“We have been looking at May 8 to continue the XFC lightweight tournament, and that is my personal drop-dead date,” Moltoky explained. “The biggest hurdle is COVID, we are getting some events going, but getting fighters into the states and home is a challenge. We want to get this tournament going again.”

Since the re-launch of XFC, Myron Molotky’s phone has also been blowing up with fighters and managers reaching out to fight for the promotion. He says they do plan on signing some well-known names, but the goal is to develop their own fighters as XFC isn’t trying to be a feeder league for anyone.

“We will have the mix of well-known fighters and these young fighters. At a minimum, I get like 20 e-mails or phone calls a day with managers trying to get me to sign their fighters,” Molotky explained of XFC’s plan. “It has also been a lot of well-known names and top free agents. We are not a feeder league for anybody, we are developing our own roster and fanbase.”

A big help in getting fighters to sign with XFC is the fact the promotion gives each fighter shares of their company after the fights. XFC is publicly traded on the stock market, and Moltoky says the fighters love getting shares as a bonus.

“The fighters love it. When the fighters get to own a piece of this company, we feel like they want to be here and it is a sense of loyalty,” Molotky explained of XFC giving fighters shares of the company. “It also ties into the respect we show them. But, the shares that they get, it is a win-win, because they put on good fights, help the promotion grow and the stock price soars which means that they make more money off the stock.”

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