Maurice Greene looking “to break” Greg Hardy on Halloween night at UFC Vegas 12

Maurice Greene
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Maurice Greene knows his UFC Vegas 12 main card scrap against Greg Hardy will be a big one.

Hardy is a massive name in the sport due to his career in the NFL and in the UFC, the promotion has been careful about who they give him. So, for Greene, he is surprised he is getting this fight but also understands the matchmaking.

“A lot of people said I should fight Greg Hardy but how I felt in the moment, where I am at in my career, why? I am not making Greg Hardy money to fight Greg Hardy,” Greene said on Just Scrap Radio on “Don’t get me wrong, I’ll fight anybody any day of the week, but the stars need to align with the zeroes behind it. This is just a good time for me to fight Greg I guess. It really could’ve been anybody, so I appreciate the UFC for even offering the fight to me versus anybody else because they could’ve offered it to other people. They know what I am going to deliver and they know what Greg is going to deliver, it’s a good fight on paper.”

Not only does Maurice Greene expect the fight to be a good one, but he also sees a lot of similarities between his kickboxing career and Hardy’s MMA career. However, in MMA, Greene believes he is a more well-rounded fighter and is looking to break Hardy inside the Octagon.

“I had no kickboxing experience and went right into GLORY. He had no pro-MMA experience and was pretty much right into the UFC. I didn’t do too bad in GLORY, so he is just like me and look where I am,” Greene said. “I took my first fight in 30 days, so it is very similar. It will be a good fight, he will be ready to fight and I will be ready to fight. We are about to get cracking and I hope he is ready. I want to break somebody as I haven’t broken somebody before. You can feel people break in there. You can hear them whining while you are whooping their ass. I want to break somebody.

“I’m not thinking I need to drag him into the second. I got something in my head and he will either keep up and last or he will drown,” he later added. “That is where I am at with it. If he gives me an opening, I’m finishing it. If he doesn’t, I’m ready for three hard rounds.”

For Maurice Greene, he knows this fight is a crucial one for his career. He understands what a win over Greg Hardy does for his star power and momentum in the sport. Despite that, “The Crochet Boss” is only focusing on providing for his family.

Who do you think will win, Maurice Greene or Greg Hardy?

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