Marcus McGhee says winning back-to-back bonuses is “life-changing,” eyes return at UFC 295 in Madison Square Garden

By Cole Shelton - August 18, 2023

Marcus McGhee is now 2-0 with two Performance of the Night bonuses inside the Octagon.

Marcus McGhee

McGhee stepped up on short notice in his debut and beat Journey Newson by submission. He then was booked to fight JP Buys at UFC Vegas 78 where he won by first-round KO.

Although Buys had been knocked out in two of his three UFC losses and has been dropped plenty of times, Marcus McGhee says he was expecting it to be a tough fight.

“Honestly, it didn’t have to do with his last fights. I did see he has been hurt and knocked down in his fights, but I believe I have that type of power and can knock out anyone,” McGhee said to “I know I can knock anyone out, it’s all about setting my shots up. It wasn’t like I went in there thinking he sucked, I respected JP’s skills, he has looked good in the UFC, even though he’s winless and fought some tough guys. So, to go in there and do that against someone I thought would be a test to me was great.”

Even though Marcus McGhee was expecting it to be a tough fight, he’s happy he was able to make short work of JP Buys. He also got another $50k bonus for the second fight in a row, which he says is life-changing.

Marcus McGhee eyes return at UFC 295

“Life-changing, especially as someone who was working an ordinary job making $70,000 a year to then going to making nothing becoming a fighter and can’t get fights, making $2000 a fight on the regional scene,” McGhee said. “Those bonuses are life-changing and allow me to go at this full force and be able to provide for my family as I have always wanted to.”

With Marcus McGhee now being 2-0 in the UFC with two finishes, he knows he can start to fight people closer to the rankings. However, he says he is fine fighting whoever the UFC gives him but does hope that his next booking comes at UFC 295 in MSG.

“November in Madison Square Garden sounds great to me. I want to be active and continue to be in the gym and get better. I’m making sure I continue to evolve and even in three months I can be a better fighter,” McGhee said… “I trust my team, I’m the type of person to open to fighting anyone. I’m not concerned who they give me, I want to be tested and I want to prove to everyone and myself where I stand.”


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