James Krause says he has “no intention or desire” to fight again but would “if the perfect scenario was put in front of me”

By Cole Shelton - July 6, 2022

James Krause won’t say he is retired but says it is unlikely he will fight again.

James Krause

Krause has not fought since October of 2020 when he beat Claudio Silva by decision. He took that fight and the fight prior on short notice as he has been busy coaching. Although he has not officially retired he says it is unlikely he will step into the Octagon again.

“Listen, I really struggle with it. The three things I wanted, were to go out on a win, be financially free, and to go out on my terms, not the UFC being like you have lost three in a row you have to go,” Krause said on Just Scrap Radio on BJPENN.com. “I really have no intention or desire to (fight), like I am not looking for a fight. But, if the perfect scenario was put in front of me with the right amount of money, I would do it. I think every day that goes by, the likelihood of me doing it is less and less. Man, I see this day in and day out now where there are goes overstaying their welcome and we see every week somebody like ‘oh gosh that guy shouldn’t be here anymore…’

“I’m nobody to tell anybody they should be done. But, from an outside perspective looking in, I personally would rather be ‘hey man, that guy quit a little bit too early than, oh he should’ve been done.’ That’s just me, I’m nobody to say you should be done,” Krause continued. “I’m not actively looking for a fight and I tell this to my fighters and it’s super important. I think a fighter, especially when you get to a certain level when a fighter says I don’t know if I want to do this anymore that should automatically spark a question of what do I need emotionally to walk away from this sport, not credentials.

“You can always say I want to win the title but the odds of you winning that title are slim to none. Whoever I’m pointing at, the odds are not for you,” James Krause added. “What do you need emotionally to be able to say I’m good, I feel good about this and I appreciate what the sport did for me? For me, it was those three things.”

If James Krause never fights again he would end his career going 28-8 and went 9-4 inside the Octagon.

What do you make of James Krause saying it’s unlikely he will fight again?


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