EXCLUSIVE | Colby Covington responds to Ben Askren callout, makes pick for Askren vs Robbie Lawler

By Jason Kindschy - November 18, 2018

Following the announcement that former Bellator and ONE Championship welterweight king, Ben Askren had finally joined the UFC roster, speculation began as to who ‘Funky’ would debut against.

Colby Covington

After immediately taking to social media and calling out the elite of the division, the dust settled and Askren was booked against former UFC champ Robbie Lawler at UFC 233.

However, one of the many welterweights at which Askren threw verbal venom at was none other than Colby Covington, who is also well-versed in the art of mental warfare and promo-shooting.

During his most recent appearance on BJPENN.COM Radio, Covington gave his thoughts on the Askren call out.

“He’s a 34-year-old virgin,” said Covington. “Who retires before they even get to the UFC? Losers. That’s who. But let’s be honest, the guy… I mean, can they even approve a fight for him in the top five? Can they? Can the commission do that when he hasn’t won a fight against anybody in a top 50? The guy’s a complete joke.

I mean, it should be criminal that they even let him in there with a top five fighter. I mean, the guy’s a joke, man. No matter what your wrestling accomplishments are, you can’t bring that over here, over to the UFC and into fighting. You can’t live off your past. I just gotta laugh, man. Everything he’s saying is just so funny, man. He’s just setting himself up for the biggest fall, and it’s hilarious.”

‘Chaos’ also had plenty to say about Askren’s record and the level of competition he’s faced outside of the UFC.

“10 outta 10 guys he’s fought, nobody knows who they are, you know. Fighting over there in Asia, you know, they just brought in guys for him to beat. So, you know, he’s fought a bunch of amateurs, to be honest. So, I mean, yeah, cool, you got a padded record for beating a bunch of amateurs, but now you’re in the big leagues, buddy.”

When asked about his thoughts on the prospect of an eventual Covington vs Askren showdown, Colby explained why he believes Askren needs to prove himself inside the UFC and why he feels Askren knows the fate of his teammate, Tyron Woodley. Covington affirmed, “You’re not getting hands up to the top of the mountain, you gotta earn your way up, you know. Once you get up, no worries, I’ll kick you right back to the bottom. But until you show up and you earn your way, I’m not giving any handouts.  The guy sucks, he’s not on my level, his wrestling is not gonna work in the UFC. He’s scared to get hit, let’s be honest. He’s f*cking scared. He knows I’m gonna beat Woodley.

“That’s the reason he’s coming over. He knows I’m gonna beat Woodley, and he’s trying to be the revenge factor. He’s trying to hopefully be the guy who can save the day, but it’s not gonna happen. The guy’s scared to get hit. I’ll leave the guy lights out in that Octagon.”

Covington continued, “You gotta prove yourself. You got a couple of fights to prove yourself. You don’t get to just jump to the front of the line because you got all this hype on you ’cause your credentials from your past. You can’t bring your past with you, buddy. You’re a 34-year-old virgin, and you’re gonna get exposed soon.”

As for Askren’s chances against the former champion in ‘Ruthless Robbie Lawler, Covington believes that Askren is doomed to the receiving end of a classic Lawler knockout.

I could see Lawler turning it back one more time, you know,” Covington stated. “Lawler’s, you know, he’s kinda at the end of his career, most strikes in the head in UFC history, but I think he might have one more left hand to put that little Ass-Cream (Askren) on his ass.”

At least for now, the reality of these two collegiate wrestlers locking horns remains unlikely being that both men currently have respective dance partners as Covington vs Woodley is rumored for the first quarter of 2019, possibly on the same card as the UFC debut of Askren at UFC 233.

Would you be excited for an Askren vs Covington matchup in the future, Penn Nation?


This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 11/18/2018

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM


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