Deiveson Figueiredo confident he will make weight, promises to KO Joseph Benavidez again

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Deiveson Figueiredo is confident he will beat Joseph Benavidez again and make weight in the process.

In the main event of UFC Fight Island 2, Figueiredo and Benavidez are running it back for the vacant flyweight title. The two fought back at UFC Norfolk where it was the Brazilian in Figueiredo who won by second-round knockout. Yet, he missed weight leaving the title to still be vacant.

Even though Figueiredo won by stoppage, he is not surprised he is rematching Benavidez. But, he remains confident he will get his hand raised once again.

“My biggest goal is to win the UFC belt so I had been able to bring it home it would have been a dream come true. Now I have a second chance and I won’t miss this opportunity to fulfill my dreams,” Figueiredo said to “I am really happy things are going back to normal and so glad we are going to fight in Abu Dhabi. I am looking forward to traveling to Abu Dhabi and become the new UFC champion.”

Not only did the weight miss cause a factor in the rematch, but so too did the accidental headbutt. Figueiredo also makes it clear it was Benavidez’s fault the headbutt took place and he believes it had no impact on the finish.

“The clash of heads was an accident but it wasn’t my fault. Benavidez was trying to strike me and I was defending myself,” he explained. “It had nothing to do with the final sequence and subsequent knockout.”

The big question surrounding this fight was whether or not Deiveson Figueiredo will make the weight. The UFC has Alexandre Pantoja on standby in case he misses but the Brazilian is confident he will make it.

His manager, Wallid Ismail told that Figueiredo entered fight week below 135-pounds. According to Ismail, Figueiredo went into fight week at 145-pounds last time out.

So, for Figueiredo, not only does he expect to make the weight, but he believes it will be rather easy to do so.

“There were a few issues with my diet but the main reason was the manner I reduced my liquid intake. I started to cut water too early. As the days went by, I started to feel abdominal discomfort and cramps. My team and I have corrected these issues and I am sure will make the weight this time,” he explained. “I returned to my hometown and spoke to my nutritionist regarding my diet. We made several changes on my diet, just so I don’t have to cut a lot of weight close to the fight. I will be strong and ready for the fight. Those who think I will miss the weight cut will be very disappointed. I am already close to my fight weight.”

Figueiredo, who enters this fight as a sizeable favorite, is confident he will finish Benavidez again. He also wants to prove the weight miss had no barring on the final result of the fight.

“I will knock Benavidez out again and make it clear that it had nothing to do with the weight. I know his game and all his strategies, he won’t stand a chance. Benavidez has a lot of stamina, so he is able to keep his pace but this time I am more familiar with his game so he won’t even have a chance to strike me. He is the one who should be worried. I have changed a few things but the main plan remains the same knock him out or submit him.”

In the end, Deiveson Figueiredo is eager for another chance to become a UFC champion and bring the belt back home to Brazil. It will also be a dream come true for him.

“It will mean that my dreams have come true, that I have achieved everything I had ever wanted,” he concluded. “This isn’t just my dream it is also my parents, my family, and my teammates’ dream. We will celebrate and thank God for this tremendous achievement.”

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