Colby Covington responds to Dustin Poirier: ‘He knows where to find me’

Colby Covington, Dustin Poirier

Colby Covington has been at odds with American Top Team teammate Dustin Poirier ever since Poirier lost to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 242.

After 242, Poirier was asked if he would be willing to fight a training partner at American Top Team, and he said no because he isn’t a sellout like Colby Covington.

Covington quickly caught win of these comments and took some shots at Poirier. Poirier then responded, suggesting things could get tense if he crossed paths with Covington in the gym.

More recently speaking on the latest episode of Radio, Colby Covington questioned why Dustin Poirier is even mad at him.

“So the thing with Dustin, is why is he mad? I can’t have an opinion? All I did was pick Khabib to win, that’s just an opinion. And was it a true opinion? Oh yeah, it was a true opinion. So Dustin’s mad because I gave a true opinion,” Covington told host Jason Kindschy. “I couldn’t let the people down, Jason. It was America’s pick of the week and I had to make everybody’s bank accounts great again. So I’m entitled to my own opinion. It’s freedom of speech in America, right?”

Colby Covington also claims that Poirier picked him to lose against Robbie Lawler in August.

“I’m not a sellout. I bought in and he tapped out. That’s what happened. And if he wants to be mad about my opinions, dude, I didn’t get mad at your opinion, you picked Robbie Lawler to beat me,” Covington revealed. “You were glaring at me hoping Robbie Lawler would knock me out the whole training camp. I could see it through your eyes. You didn’t want to train because you’re best friends with Robbie, this and that. So you pick Robbie to win, did I get my feelings hurt? No, I went out there and proved you wrong b***h.”

Covington responds to Poirier saying “it’s on sight.”

Colby Covington also revealed that he and Dustin Poirier aren’t even that close and rarely train together anyways. As for the next time he sees Poirier at American Top Team, “Chaos” has a simple message:

“But as far as the next time I see him, I mean, I’m at American Top Team every day, he knows where to find me. He knows what happens every time we train together as well,” Covington said. “So it won’t end will for him either if he wants to step to me and act all hard, but he can get out of his feelings and realize that this is a business, and we’re doing business. I don’t have to be friends with everybody in the gym. There’s nothing that says in the ATT handbook that says, ‘Oh, you must be friends with every fighter at the gym.’ No, we can agree to disagree on things and we can go our own way. You stay on one side of the gym, I’ll stay on the other side of the gym.”

What do you make of these comments from Colby Covington?

This article first appeared on BJPENN.COM on 9/20/2019. 

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM