Chatri Sityodtong reveals Angela Lee will make a “big statement” in September regarding her fighting future

By Cole Shelton - August 4, 2023

ONE Championship CEO Chatri Sityodtong says Angela Lee will be providing an update on her career soon.

Angela Lee, ONE Championship

It was back in December of 2022 that Victoria Lee passed away at the tender age of 18. Since then, both of her siblings, Angela and Christian Lee, have opted against competing and Sityodtong says there is no rush on them to fight again, despite their championship status. For now, he says he’s left the Lee family to grieve and deal with the heartbreaking news.

“The Lee family has always been very tight-knit, very close,” Chatri Sityodtong said on Just Scrap Radio on about Victoria Lee’s death and Angela Lee’s future. “I haven’t seen a family like that probably ever, where the parents and kids are super close, there’s so much love and just so much harmony. It’s a very close-knit family. So obviously it’s extremely devastating when an 18-year-old potential future superstar world champion, but more importantly a daughter and sibling, passes away.

“That is what I have been doing. We haven’t talked work,” Sityodtong continued about Angela Lee and the family. “I’ve been to Hawaii to visit Victoria’s resting place and spend time with her parents and Angela. The best thing we can do for the family is to support them with our love and prayers. You never wish anything like this would happen to any family. It’s very sad.”

Since the heartbreaking passing of Victoria Lee, there has been no news on if Angela Lee will fight again. However, Chatri Sityodtong says Angela will be making an announcement in September regarding her future.

“It was definitely heartbreaking. Throughout the years I have and continued to be very close to the parents, Angela, Christian, Victoria, and Adrian. I literally watched them grow up before my eyes,” Sityodtong said about Angela Lee. “It was very devastating. Angela will be making an announcement on September 1 regarding her career and all these different things. Stay tuned for her announcement on September 1. And, she’ll be flying to Singapore for the atomweight world title fight and also making another big statement and doing an open Q&A live during that event. I think fans around the world have a lot of questions and she wants to have everything answered come September.”

What exactly the statement will be is uncertain, but Chatri Sityodtong knows it will clear up a lot about the future of Angela Lee.


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