Bryce Hall explains why he decided to fight in BKFC, confident he’ll KO Gee Perez at BKFC 48: “I bet I can put him down”

By Cole Shelton - August 8, 2023

Bryce Hall surprised many when it was revealed he was set to fight at BKFC 48.

Bryce Hall

Hall is a massive influencer with over 6.5 million followers on Instagram. He also is no stranger to fighting as he boxed YouTuber Austin McBroom in June of 2021 when he suffered a TKO loss.

Since the defeat, Bryce Hall said he would fight again and when the offer came up to fight in BKFC, he jumped at the chance for a few reasons.

“I wanted to be the first and only influencer to do it… I think people will say they are interested in it and they are probably going to watch my fight back and then not want to do it,” Hall said on Just Scrap Radio on “Or, like watch somebody else do it and end up sticking up to the 12 ounces on my hands.”

Once Bryce Hall agreed to fight in BKFC, he told the promotion he wanted to fight someone with bare-knuckle experience. After some time looking for an opponent, Hall was booked to face 3-0 BKFC fighter Gee Perez in the co-main event of BKFC 48 on Friday.

Although Perez has three BKFC fights already, Bryce Hall believes he has some clear advantages over him.

“I wanted a bare-knuckle fighter, because as crazy as it sounds, I have a lot of advantages over this guy… I have height, strength, my natural weight, I walk around 190, he walks around 155 and we are fighting at 165lbs,” Hall said.

Bryce Hall eyes KO win

To promote the fight, Bryce Hall and Gee Perez had a faceoff where the undefeated BKFC fighter slapped Hall which did surprise him. However, he thinks Perez slapped him because he felt threatened and intimidated.

“That caught me off guard, I thought we were gonna do the promo of talking shit face-to-face. But, I think he saw me stand up and I was quite a bit bigger than him and I think he felt threatened so he threw a slap at me,” Hall said.

With Bryce Hall thinking he has some advantages over Gee Perez he is confident he will get his hand raised.

Yet, he knows he has to fight smart as Hall knows breaking his hand is a very real outcome in bare-knuckle. But, Hall believes even if he throws every punch at 40 percent power, he will still find the KO win to shock the influencer world.

“I’m not throwing haymakers, I know it doesn’t take much to knock somebody out, especially a guy like Perez, he’s not a big dude. I hit him with 40 percent of my power, I bet I can put him down,” Hall explained. “That sounds cocky but I have trust in my abilities… I’m gonna get a lot of people pissed in this one. Everyone expects me to go in there and get my ass kicked, I think they are just going to be shocked. I don’t see myself losing.”

As for whether or not this is a one-off fight in BKFC, Bryce Hall says it just depends on how Friday night plays out.

“That all just depends on how f****d up I get, right?,” Hall concluded.

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