Chris Curtis slams Dominick Cruz for his “stupid f**king commentary” at UFC 297

By Cole Shelton - January 23, 2024

Chris Curtis has taken aim at Dominick Cruz over his commentary at UFC 297.

Chris Curtis and Dominick Cruz

On the main card of the pay-per-view card from Toronto on Saturday, Curtis was taking on Marc-Andre Barriault, in what on paper looked to be a fan-friendly fight. However, at times, the fight didn’t live up to expectations and the fans booed, which Curtis didn’t understand.

To make matters worse, when Curtis rewatched the fight, Dominick Cruz called it a sparring match, as he claimed neither of them threw punches with much intention to end the fight. That annoyed Curtis who points to Barriault’s durability, and the American ripped the former champion for his comments.

“I get s*** on by ‘DC’ and Dominick Cruz every time I fight,” Curtis said on The MMA Hour. “No matter what’s happening. DC was kinder than before, but Dominick Cruz is just like, ‘It looks like he’s sparring,’ and blah blah blah. Bro, [Barriault is] a solid man. He’s been knocked out once, I have been knocked out once. It’s not going to be easy to knock the other down, it’s just not. I hit him with some s*** that I’ve dropped people with, and he just kind of looked at it.

“I elbowed him a few times, I went to move in, he’s just staring at me like he’s back there,” Curtis added. “I hear Dominick Cruz say, ‘It’s just like a sparring match,’ and then, not to be a dick, but people are going to latch on to what the commentary says, and now I hear, ‘He didn’t even fight hard. It was a low-energy sparring match.’ Stand in front of me and let me hit you the same way… But because of Dominick Cruz’s stupid f****** commentary, I get to hear, ‘It’s a sparring match and low volume.”

Not only was Chris Curtis annoyed by Dominick Cruz’s commentary but he told the UFC bantamweight to let him punch him to see if it’s just sparring.

“Dominick Cruz, stand here Dominick Cruz, and let me hit you the way I was hitting him and see if it’s just sparring. No, we’re two large, solid men. I promise you guys, I was hitting him f*****g hard, he was hitting me hard, I feel it since the fight. [Cruz] is like, ‘It looks like sparring.’ I’m just like, ‘Oh my God, the narrative is glorious.’ So I’m proud of myself, I’m very proud of myself,” Curtis added.

As of right now, Dominick Cruz hasn’t responded to Chris Curtis’ complaints and whether or not he will is uncertain.

But, even though Curtis was annoyed by the commentary, he still did enough to get the split decision win over Marc-Andre Barriault at UFC 297.

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