Derrick Lewis fires back at Francis Ngannou: It’s about time

By Tom Taylor - March 19, 2018

Over the last year, brick-fisted heavyweight contender Derrick Lewis has made repeated callouts of recent heavyweight title challenger Francis Ngannou.

Derrick Lewis, UFC

On Sunday afternoon, Ngannou finally responded to these callouts, telling Lewis to have his manager contact the UFC about this prospective showdown.

“Derrick has been talking some of his shit while I was [taking time] off,” Ngannou said in his long-awaited response to Lewis. “Can someone please let him know that I’m here now, so if he really wants me, he should send his manager to deal with [UFC].”

Now, Lewis has responded to Ngannou’s Sunday afternoon post. He fired back at the French-Cameroonian fighter in a Monday morning Instagram post of his own.

“[Francis Ngannou] It’s about time someone translated to you that I’ve been wanting this fight since last year,” Lewis said in his post.

“Francis, that guy is real ignorant, don’t even worry about that guy,” Lewis said in one of his first outbursts directed at Ngannou. “I would love to fight him after this fight because he’s been talking a lot of shit anyway, like he’s the shit. Fuck that guy. I will fight his ass after I fight Mark Hunt. I wanted to fight him before this fight. He’s over there talking about I’m too slow and this and that. I’m going to bang his ass out. He is overyhyped. I’m still prettier than him anyway. Forget that African booty scratcher, ain’t worried about him.”

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