Daniel Cormier exits NCAA wrestling commentary amid criticism: “Continue to do things the same way and say wrestling hasn’t changed since the 40s”

By Fernando Quiles - March 24, 2024

Daniel Cormier has had enough of the NCAA wrestling community.

Daniel Cormier

Cormier has been fulfilling commentary duties on ESPN for the NCAA wrestling tournament. While some have enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm Cormier has brought to the broadcasts, there are some within the amateur wrestling scene who don’t feel “DC” has gone in-depth enough with his time in the booth.

One post in particular seems to have been the final straw for Cormier.


Daniel Cormier Bows Out Of NCAA Wrestling Tournament

“Guys im out. This will be my last time doing the NcAA tournament. Continue to do things the same way and say wrestling that hasn’t changed since the 40’s. I told the general public to watch a guy told me he’d rather tear his eyes out than watch. So enjoy. I’ll finish tonight…”

“I get paid a lot there lol.”

Cormier later followed up on this by boasting about the attention that his exchange with Mason Beckman garnered in comparison to everything else involving the NCAA National Championship.

“Love me or hate me, we sure did get some people talking wrestling and ultimately that’s what I am here to do! The NCAA wrestling tournament is just the best! Off to UFC 300!!”

Beckman has since gotten a ton of flak online for his opinion of “DC’s” commentary. Mason is a former collegiate wrestler, who now serves as an assistant coach. While Beckman knows his stuff when it comes to wrestling, he has been heavily criticized for not getting with the times. Some have even blamed people like Beckman for holding the sport of wrestling back, preventing mainstream attention in favor of an antiquated mindset.

Where do you stand on Daniel Cormier’s decision to leave the commentary desk at NCAA wrestling events?

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