Daniel Cormier admits that he nearly pulled a Mike Tyson during infamous Jon Jones scuffle: “I’m going to bite!”

By Josh Evanoff - December 7, 2023

Former UFC champion Daniel Cormier nearly went full Mike Tyson against Jon Jones during their infamous scuffle.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

‘DC’ and ‘Bones’ famously had one of the most heated feuds in MMA history. In the cage, the two met on two different occasions. On both occasions, Jon Jones emerged with a win over Daniel Cormier. However, his UFC 214 victory in July 2017 was overturned to a no-contest due to a failed drug test.

Nonetheless, their feud also saw the champions fighting outside of the cage. Famously, their UFC 178 pre-fight press conference saw the two men get into a massive brawl. Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier traded punches, and they even went barreling offstage at one point. At one point during the scrum, the future commentator got trapped under the bottom.

Speaking to Joe Rogan on a recent edition of his podcast, Daniel Cormier explained that he nearly bit Jon Jones during the melee. The two commentators discussed Mike Tyson‘s infamous 1997 rematch with Evander Holyfield, where ‘Iron’ bit off a chunk of his opponent’s ear. It appears that MMA nearly had their own situation, not too dissimilar from that.

While Daniel Cormier is aware that he wouldn’t be the first to bite his opponent, he’s aware of how it would’ve looked. Besides, it appears that the UFC commentator has mostly buried the hatchet with Jon Jones these days.


Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones, Rashad Evans

“When I was in that press fight with Jon Jones, I was still undefeated at the time, and we were at the MGM Grand, and he head-butted me, like put his head on me,” Daniel Cormier remembered, speaking on a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience. “So, I push him. He’s an alpha male too. So, the f***** attacks me. So we get to fighting, and we’re fighting, and Joe, the security guard from the UFC, falls under me. But now I’m on my back as we go flying off the stage. I will say, there was a thought to bite the motherf*****, because, what am I doing on my back, right?” (h/t MMA Fighting)

Daniel Cormier continued, recounting his brawl with Jon Jones, “I fell asleep on my back one day and woke up in a full panic attack… I’m losing. I’m going to bite the son of a b****. I don’t have any mouthpiece in my mouth. And if I would have bit him, that would have been a reaction for a guy that usually will walk around in most places in this world as the alpha. Then, when he finds himself on the bottom, as an alpha, he’s got to find a way to survive.”

He concluded, “If I would have bit [Jones], you’d have been like, ‘DC bit him,’ but it’s not the first time we saw somebody bite a motherf***** down there, because Mike Tyson did it three times. It’s so unfamiliar.”

What do you make of these comments from Daniel Cormier? How do you think the MMA community would’ve reacted had he bit Jon Jones?


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