Dana White Is Not Amused by Fabricio Werdum Hitting Colby Covington with a Boomerang

Fabricio Werdum

Fabricio Werdum has won three of his last four fights, but everything other than his fighting has seemed to be a rocky road. While he’s never strayed away from a little controversy, he recently almost had a scuffle with interim UFC lightweight champ Tony Ferguson, which he paired with a crazy boomerang attack on Colby Covington. Dana White recently opened up about the confrontation and his bad relationship with Werdum.

“Me and [Fabricio] Werdum do not have a good relationship. At all. At all. [The altercation in Austrailia] is just a continued — this is what this guy does. He almost fights Tony Ferguson at the media luncheon. There’s a laundry list of me and Werdum. When I was driving here today to meet you guys, Werdum texted me and said ‘I wanna come out, I wanna meet, I wanna sit down.’ I haven’t been willing to meet with him for a while now. And I texted him back and said ‘let’s do it.’ So me and Werdum are gonna sit down, try to hug and make up. No, I don’t laugh [at Werdum throwing a boomerang at Colby Covington], that’s not funny. Believe me, I get it, I get it that Colby disrespected Brazil and all the Brazilian people. I know how Brazilians get about that stuff. You just can’t go around assaulting people, you know? You just can’t do it. It’s bad.” — Dana White during his recent media scrum.

Dana White reveals that he and Fabricio Werdum are going to meet soon to talk about everything. Rest assured it’d be no surprise that this talk will also have to do with Werdum wanting to get another shot at Stipe Miocic to take back the UFC heavyweight title. Getting as close as he can back into the title picture is one of the reasons Werdum forced himself to have such a quick turnaround. However, if Francis Ngannou takes out Alistair Overeem, there is a chance he could take everything Werdum is working towards.

“When I go out, [Covington] looked at me and he said, ‘Brazilian animals.’ I said I don’t believe this, and I just slapped his phone. I just touched his phone; that’s it, man. And he kicked me. He kicked me, but I’m ready for the [UFC Sydney] fight, I blocked his kick. And after that, the guys stand in the middle. And two minutes [before], I had one fan give me the boomerang. … [Covington] says a lot of things about my mom, my country. I just threw it. If I had maybe a burger or cake in my hands, I’d throw that for sure, but I had a boomerang.” Fabricio Werdum speaking at UFC Sydney’s post-fight press conference. 

This article first appeared on BJPenn.com on 11/29/2017.

This article appeared first on BJPENN.COM