Dan Hardy gives raw, honest response to Dana White’s latest PFL/Bellator jabs: ‘We’re not perfect!’

By Curtis Calhoun - May 7, 2024

PFL analyst and former UFC title challenger Dan Hardy admits that PFL has a long way to go before being universally recognized as a sustainable MMA product.

Dan Hardy, Dana White

UFC president and CEO Dana White has used some of his recent media availability to mock PFL’s popularity and standing in MMA. After a successful night at UFC 300, White aimed at PFL/Bellator for a low attendance the night before the UFC’s historic pay-per-view event.

Hardy, who has emerged as one of the top analysts at PFL, has seen the different twists and turns of the league. This includes the doubling in roster size after PFL purchased Bellator and launched a new Bellator Champions Series product.

Dan Hardy admits PFL has ‘a lot of things we could do differently’

In a recent appearance on The MMA Hour, Hardy addressed White’s continued mocking of PFL and Bellator.

“PFL/Bellator, PFLlator, as Dana White called it the other day, which I thought was very funny. We’re not perfect!” Hardy said of White’s comments. “There’s a lot of things we could do differently, absolutely, but we have a major stake in mixed martial arts. We have a lot of good things coming up, and we’re moving forward. We’re a very small company compared to the UFC as a whole…

“When we go to fight week next week, they pretty much take over the hotel. We’re not operating at that level yet, but we’re moving in that direction. I’m just proud to be a part of something where I can have direct influence,” Hardy continued. “We need to listen to these conversations [fans] are having, because [the fans] make really good points. And the only way that PFL/Bellator is going to keep growing is if we listen to the fans. There’s challenges as a matchmaker that come with the league format. But at the same time, the boldness of doing something different is attracting some interest.”

Hardy and White have had a fractured relationship since the UFC parted ways with Hardy after multiple controversies. One of which was a heated altercation with referee Herb Dean after a questionable stoppage at a UFC Fight Night event.

White also accused Hardy of mistreating a female UFC employee, an accusation which Hardy has firmly denied. The nature of the cited mistreatment is unclear.

The PFL/Bellator merger led some to believe that the joint entity could compete with the UFC one day. If Hardy’s remarks are any indication, the PFL still needs to make changes and gradually evolve to make that discussion a reality.

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