CM Punk claims MMA wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for professional wrestling: “Look at all these guys that would be pro wrestlers”

By Harry Kettle - April 10, 2024

Former UFC fighter CM Punk believes that mixed martial arts wouldn’t exist as it is today without professional wrestling.

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As many fans know, CM Punk is back with WWE and has been since late last year. As we also know, he tried his hand in MMA many years ago. He competed twice in the UFC, losing on both occasions.

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For his efforts, Punk has received a great deal of ridicule since then. Some fans, of course, respect and appreciate that he was willing to get in the cage and compete.

In a recent interview with ESPN, he spoke candidly about the impact pro wrestling has had on MMA.

Punk’s view on MMA/pro wrestling

“MMA as we currently know it wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for professional wrestling,” Brooks said on an ESPN UFC 300 preview show. “Conversely, a fun flip side of the coin is I know so many people that if MMA was a viable option like it is today, to make a living, get paid, never would have gotten into professional wrestling.

“A guy like Ken Shamrock was a pro wrestler, maybe before he was a fighter, right?” he continued. “Ken went where the money was at the time. Look at him now. A guy like Kurt Angle, I look at. Kurt never would have been a professional wrestler. Kurt would have been scouted and almost drafted into MMA. A super gym would have found him.”

“Go back to Bo Nickal, if MMA didn’t exist today, look at all these guys that would be pro wrestlers,” Brooks said. “I’m dead serious. As human beings, it’s in our DNA. Fighting is in our DNA. To me, mixed martial arts is the ultimate test that you can put yourself through.”

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