Chael Sonnen stands with Stephen Thompson on UFC pay issue: “What are you mad about?”

By Josh Evanoff - August 1, 2023

UFC analyst Chael Sonnen stands with welterweight contender Stephen Thompson.

Stephen Thompson and Chael Sonnen

‘Wonderboy’ was slated to return on the UFC 291 main card over the weekend. Coming off a knockout win over Kevin Holland last December, he was hoping to continue that momentum against Michel Pereira. The Brazilian entered the fight on a five-fight winning streak and viewed Stephen Thompson as the biggest bout of his career.

Sadly, the two didn’t make it to the octagon on Saturday night. At UFC 291 weigh-ins, the Brazilian missed weight by four pounds, prompting Stephen Thompson to turn down the contest. While the promotion doesn’t have to pay the former title challenger, they have previously paid other fighters after a bout has been canceled.

Nonetheless, Stephen Thompson has been vocal about the UFC not paying him for the canceled bout. The former title challenger admitted that he was hopeful that Dana White would pay him, but he’s currently on vacation. The whole situation caught the ire of Chael Sonnen, who discussed the situation on his YouTube channel.

‘The Bad Guy’ discussed Stephen Thompson’s situation in a recent video. Despite his return to the UFC over the weekend, Chael Sonnen sided with the former title challenger on the issue. The analyst believes that the promotion should pay the Karate expert, who’s done nothing wrong.


Chael Sonnen

“I realize the golden rule is the show must go on, I’m aware of that. I’m aware that my own hypocrisy knows no bounds because I stand with Stephen,” Chael Sonnen stated on his YouTube channel. “… When you have an opponent that doesn’t make weight, the general consensus is what you do, among you guys, is what difference does it make? It’s four pounds. I don’t disagree with you, but neither does Stephen Thompson. That’s not what this is about, this was about an honor and a respect that goes deeper than this organization.”

He continued, “It goes back to our roots… You’re doing that to punish Stephen Thompson, who did break the golden rule. He stopped the show from going on, he did do that. Why should he be punished? Why are we punishing him? Oh, what are you mad about? You’re mad about ‘Wonderboy’ who has followed every rule in the history of rules, and then some?”

What do you make of these comments from Chael Sonnen? Do you agree with him?

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