Stephen Thompson hopeful UFC pays him for canceled Michel Pereira fight: “Nothing yet”

By Josh Evanoff - July 31, 2023

UFC welterweight contender Stephen Thompson is still hoping to be paid for his canceled fight against Michel Pereira.


‘Wonderboy’ was expected to return opposite Michel Pereira at UFC 290 on Saturday night. For his part, the former title challenger last defeated Kevin Holland in December. Heading into the pay-per-view event, Stephen Thompson was hopeful that he could return to title contention with a win.

Sadly for the longtime welterweight contender, the fight never happened. On weigh-in day, the Brazilian came in four pounds over the limit. While there was some speculation that Stephen Thompson would fight Michel Pereira despite the weight miss, the contest was instead canceled.

Four days after that, Stephen Thompson is still attempting to get paid by the UFC. On The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, the former title challenger confirmed that the promotion hadn’t paid him anything as of now. While never guaranteed, the UFC has paid fighters in the past for making weight prior to a bout being canceled.

That hasn’t been the case for ‘Wonderboy’, as he revealed. However, Stephen Thompson confirmed that talks were ongoing with his management and the UFC to hopefully figure something out.


Stephen Thompson

“At this point, my management is talking with the UFC,” Stephen Thompson stated on The MMA Hour when asked about being paid for his canceled fight against Michel Pereira. “Nothing yet, I know Dana White is on vacation. The guy is a workaholic so, well deserved. But I feel like the UFC is going to do right by me, I’ve done everything I was supposed to do. I’ve tried to be as honorable as possible when it comes to signing my contracts and abiding by that and doing what it said.”

He continued, “I’ve done what they’ve wanted of me, and I feel like they’re going to do right by me. So things are still in talks, I think they’re waiting for Dana White to get back from his vacation. Then, we’ll go from there. But at this point, nothing.”

What do you make of these comments from Stephen Thompson? What do you make of the UFC not paying the welterweight contender?

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