VIDEO | Neil Magny Humbly Admits He Has ‘No Advantages’ Over Carlos Condit

Neil Magny

We’ve all heard the usual pre-fight trash talk in the build-up to an event. Fighters waxing poetically about how they are going to knock out their opponent, predicting which round they may fall, or insulting their like of skills. You will not hear any of that from Neil Magny, who will be stepping into the cage tomorrow against Carlos Condit in his return to the Octagon. On the contrary, Magny is being completely blunt about his perceived chances. He doesn’t see any advantage he has in this fight, but that just excites him.

“Yeah, [I don’t have] not one single advantage in this fight [with Carlos Condit]. I mean, reach advantage, cardio advantage, not a single advantage. Everything I want in this fight, we have to fight for that’s something I’m excited about. I’m going to win by going out there and being relentless. We’re going to fight tooth and nail for every single thing I want. I know every punch that I throw is not going to come easy, every kick I throw is not going to come easy, every takedown that I get is not going to come easy, so I know I’m going to have to fight for every single thing that I want in this fight. That’s what’s bringing out the excitement and that’s how Im going to win, by being relentless.”

“I think a fighter has to be honest with himself. If you sit back and tell yourself a goal, I’m going to do this and that knowing in the back of your mind that that’s not true, I think it’s hard to believe. But if I know in the back of my mind that this is going to be a tough fight, this is going to be a hard fight, I’m going to go out there and prepare for a hard fight for 15 minutes. If I get it down in three minutes, two minutes, one minute? Great. I get the rest of the night off. But if I prepare myself mentally for the worst, if the best comes, I’m ready for that.” — Neil Magny speaking to MMA NYTT.

Neil Magny has only lost to Demian Maia, Lorenz Larkin, and former UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos in his last 14 fights. Those losses are nothing to turn your nose up at and he’ll be a strong underdog in the fight despite his humbleness. Carlos Condit returns for the first time since fall of last year looking to rebound from a two-fight losing skid. It’s a battle between two guys who want their spot and anyone can win regardless of the odds. Best of luck to both fighters.

This article first appeared on on 12/29/2017.

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