Josh Thomson gives update on a fourth fight with Gilbert Melendez

Josh Thomson Gilbert Melendez

For fight fans, Gilbert Melendez vs Josh Thomson might be the best trilogy in MMA history. Each fight presented an all-out war that highlighted the mutual heart and resilience of the California opponents. Now, the MMA veteran and Bellator presenter is considering running it back with his former opponent. Josh Thomson gave an update on a fourth fight in an interview with He said:

What’s the situation on a fourth fight against Gilbert Melendez?

“Everything comes down to the negotiations. Gilbert and I have a really good relationship with Scott Coker and I think there’s a great opportunity for us to make a ton of money.

“We’re not the fighters that we used to be, but we also understand that this fight is not going to be five rounds like our world title fights before. This means you’re going to condense a lot more action into 15 minutes, so it’s going to be fun.

“We have mutual respect for each other, no matter what happens, I will always truly respect who he is as a person and what he’s accomplished as a fighter. That won’t change whether I win or lose.”

Do you feel in that regard, it’s like the Masvidal vs Diaz fight? Regardless of who wins, you’ll both be considered bad motherf*****s?  

“Yeah pretty much, there’s no doubt about it. We already know that I’ve previously knocked out Nate [Diaz] who fought for the “BMF” belt. I’m pretty much up there at the top with the “BMFs”. This one will be all for fun, we enjoy this.

“In fifteen years, who’s going to give a f**k about us old people, they’re not going to care about it.

“I think in this fourth fight, don’t expect us to hold back. We both understand we’re not what we used to be and the fans didn’t come to watch us lay and pray and get the win. Don’t think that I’m going out there with the sole intention of getting the win. I’m doing it for the fans. Especially against Gilbert, I really wouldn’t take this fight if it was against anyone else.”

You always speak very highly of Gilbert Melendez. Do you think it makes it harder to fight some you have no animosity towards?

“I actually think it’s the complete opposite. I think it makes it way easier if you both like each other and you both understand. I know his wife, I know his daughter, sh** I was at his daughter’s baby shower. I actually won the make the diaper out of toilet paper contest, ha. It was one of those things, I know who he is.

“Actually, there was a little bit of bad blood between the second and third fight, we had some animosity going in against each other because he felt like he shouldn’t have to fight me again and I felt like I wanted to fight again. There were some things said, but I think that’s all gone now. We realised as we got older, leave that sh** to the Conor McGregors and the James Gallaghers of MMA.”

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