Bellator 216 Results: Michael Venom Page defeats Paul Daley (Highlights)

By Chris Taylor - February 16, 2019

A welterweight fight between bitter rivals Paul Daley and Michael Venom Page headlined tonight’s Bellator 216 event in Uncasville, Connecticut.

Michael 'Venom' Page

Michael Venom Page entered tonight’s Bellator 216 headliner sporting a perfect professional record of 13-0.

In his most recent effort at Bellator 200, Page scored a second-round TKO victory over David Rickels.

Meanwhile, Paul Daley (40-16-2 MMA) has alternated between wins and losses over his past six fights.

“Semtex” was most recently seen in action at Bellator 199, where he suffered a unanimous decision setback to Jon Fitch.

Round one of the Bellator 216 main event begins and Michael Page comes out quickly. Daley is circling. Neither man seems overly eager to engage. One minute in and not a single punch has been thrown. Page lands a jab. Daley continues to circle while looking to counter. Michael Page is being very cautious early on. Two minutes have gone by now and just the single jab from Michael Page has landed. “Venom” lands a low kick now. Really nothing to report in terms of action. The horn sounds to end an uneventful round one.

Round two begins and Michael Page is begin to taunt Paul Daley. Not quite sure why, as neither man has done anything notable to this point. Daley misses with a high kick. “MVP” lands a front kick up the middle. Daley shoots for a takedown but it is not there. He attempts another but once again fails to get Page to the floor. Paul Daley continues to press forward. He shoots in for another takedown attempt and this time he gets it. Daley working from top position now. He lands some good ground and pound. Finally fans are getting at least some action. Page is back and Daley chases after him with a wild flurry. The horn sounds to end round two.

Round three begins and Michael Page lands a nice right hand. He misses with a follow up jumping knee attempt. Another sharp right hand lands for Page. Paul Daley circles and then shoots in for a takedown. This time Page stuffs it and lands some elbows. “MVP” is warned about hitting the back of the head. The fighters battle in the clinch and then Daley drops down and secures a timely takedown. Paul Daley postures up and rains down some big ground and pound. Lefts and rights from Daley now. “MVP” scrambles and manages to get back to his feet and retreat. Nothing else happens before the horn sounds to end round three.

Round four begins and Michael Page lands a nice combination to get things started. He follows that up with an overhand right. Daley circles and then shoots in for a takedown. He gets it! “MVP” with some elbows from off of his back. Daley continues to work from top position but is mounting literally no offense here. Page scrambles and gets back up to his feet. Daley misses connecting with a spinning back fist. Page returns fire with a kick that misses the mark. “MVP” with a flying knee that appears to hurt Daley. He shoots in and scores a takedown. This is the first time Paul has been on his back tonight. Seconds later the horn sounds to end round four.

Round five of the Bellator 216 main event begins and this fight is likely up for grabs in the final five minutes. Paul Daley immediately shoots in and scores a big takedown. “Semtex” works in some hammer fists and punches from top position. “MVP” scrambles and gets back up to his feet with 2:30 left on the clock. Daley looks to secure another takedown but gives up his back in the process. Page is looking for a rear-naked choke but Daley escapes. Michael Venom Page sinks in both hooks now and begins raining down elbows. “Semtex” scrambles and finds a way back to his feet. Daley shoots in for a last second takedown attempt. Page reverses him and that is how this one ends folks.

Official Bellator 216 Result: Michael Venom Page def. Paul Daley via decision (48-37 x3)